grit and satin

Bio: I am simple and complicated. But only when I'm breathing.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. My impression of you is that you are an observer. You are comfortable and patient watching. You like to keep your breathing and stress to a very low level. These things you do: “Cooking, reading, writing, photography, and occasionally working on a car” are things you can do without much effort. You don’t push yourself. You wait for the words, the inspiration, the feelings they are your friends and preoccupation. Life is something you feel and listen to as it melds with your understanding of it. You find it destructive and way too preoccupied with almost nothing important. You are a thinker, who sits on the top of a hill and looks out. To be is the essence of life. The clicking of a clock is familiar to you. You like the color white. You stay up late because it is quiet.

    1. I can see some of these things in myself, but not all of it. I am definitely an observer. I’m perfectly content spending an afternoon on a bench in the mall or park just watching people. I would love if my breathing and stress were low, but that’s not always the case. I am the kind of writer to waits for inspiration. And it comes at random and sometimes inconvenient times. But no matter what I’m doing, I have to let that creative flow come through like a wave. And once it passes, I stop. The quiet of the night is appealing. The rest of the world has fallen asleep and I am left there in the silence. It helps me release whatever load I may have been carrying around for the day.

      1. This was an experiment. I had no idea I was accurate or inaccurate. I just went with what I thought as I read your bio. As you know, we often project ourselves, in this case, over your words. I have no idea, who you really are. I was just hoping I would find a kindred soul.

        In a sense, I know nothing about you. I took a chance and am happy you didn’t take offense. Sometimes, I believe we need to take chances with our impressions and see what comes of them. And honest sharing is important in moving to new levels of getting to know others.

        In how you responded, I get a sense that I may have been correct in some ways. A lot of what we say and how we say it reveals much about ourselves. And like writers, we may say something that is true in that moment, but in saying it, we grow and change, never to be in that place again. The concept of Johari Window is about trying to open to the world all facets of: what we know about ourselves and only we know, what others see about us, what both outsiders and ourselves see, and finally what is hidden to both ourselves and others. We are healthier the more these panes are opened.

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