Expect The Unexpected a.k.a. Prepare To Be Disappointed

I am an expectations victim. I am prone to living with my head in the clouds. I own two pairs of glasses: rose colored and an old pair I go back to every now and then that are stained with tears.

Going too in depth about a recent expectation gone wrong will just bring up old pain. So I’ll be brief.

We all know that wonderful feeling of falling in love, even if it’s all happening so fast. You just feel so good all the time. And it seems too good to be true. And that’s because it is. I mean, not always. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you end up falling in love with your soul mate. And the two of you stay together for the rest of your lives. Or maybe something happens that tears you apart, and after a time, you find each other again. But sometimes it doesn’t happen like that. Sometimes you are feeling so good about the relationship and then little things start happening that shouldn’t be happening. They seem like little things at the time. Because you want to ignore them and keep feeling good. The reality is though that those things are going to continue happening. And you know that you should turn around right this second and run. Run away from this bomb just waiting to drop right at your feet and blow your whole world upside down.
And then it does. You get that message, We need to talk. And the conversation is so void of emotion. It’s just this person, who you thought was walking right beside you down this path leading to a future together, this person and you on the telephone. This doesn’t even happen while you can look into each others’ eyes. There is no chance of begging for yet another chance. And you think, how cold. Why is it happening this way? But it’s for the best. Because you don’t need yet another chance. You never really screwed up in the first place. They just made you think you did. And after you’ve finished being sad that this thing you thought was so great has ended, you start to open your eyes.
There it is. The truth. It was sitting right in front of you the whole time. And then the sadness turns to anger. Because the truth was staring you straight in the eye. Challenging you. Testing you. You were fighting for the wrong thing the whole time. Because success was not in doing everything you could to make them see you, to love you, to accept you. Success would have been leaving that first time. Leaving the second you knew that something wasn’t right. Success would have been turning around and running as fast as you could in the other direction.
The sad truth is, he never loved you. Nothing he said was real. Oh, he’ll say it was. He’ll make you believe every word that comes out of his mouth. He’ll make you believe that you are the only one who has done any wrong in this short relationship. He’ll make you believe anything he wants you to.
Be strong. Don’t put either of those glasses on. You don’t need them.




6 thoughts on “Expect The Unexpected a.k.a. Prepare To Be Disappointed

  1. Nicely written. Though I won’t(can’t) agree with you on everything you wrote about he. I’ll say this, even girls are the same. They make you expect great thongs and just abruptly dump you for another guy.
    But great focused writing(I can’t write it this way).

    1. Thank you. I can appreciate that not everyone will feel the same as I do about many things. And both sexes are often times manipulative. I just think that’s human nature though. To do what you need to sometimes to get what you want, which many times is the simple desire for happiness.
      This relationship I talk about here though was very different and special. This was no ordinary man. His mind isn’t built the way everyone else’s is, the way we think “normal” people are. I have no intention of playing a victim and blaming him for things that went wrong. But the way his mind works is to convince everyone else that they are at fault and he never is. And he doesn’t realize he’s doing it.
      As for being dumped abruptly for another person, it happens to us all at least once. The good thing about it is, you find out pretty quickly that that person wasn’t right for you, and you’re done with it. No sugar coating our feelings or dragging out the relationship longer than necessary. Clean cut. Cry, be angry, binge on cigarettes, alcohol, and ice cream. And then get back up and be the best you ever.

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