So…you know that part in the movie where there’s an emotional verbal fight and someone says something mean. But then the other person says something meaner and then the semi-mean person gets that shocked look on their face like someone just shoved a pen in their eyeball. And then they try to storm off and the meaner person nearly pukes themselves with horror and tries to stop the only-kind-of-mean person from leaving possibly forever. And the pen stab victim pushes them away and says NO and they rush out the door. And it seems like they’re doomed and there’s no hope of ever turning back and fixing what has broken? Yeah, I sort of hit that spot in reality by writing that last blog. I’m currently sitting in the corner with my dunce hat on. This is one of those lessons I desperately need to learn. And it’s one of those good habits that’s harder to absorb. I’m working on it. I should only speak words of satin.


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