Stop Focusing On The Past

Yeah, you’re right. I need to stop thinking that men from my past are going to be in any part of my life from this day forward. This is why I have so much trouble letting go of those relationships. Because whenever I dumped anyone, they were sad to see me go. So in my head, they’d be willing to have me again. Boy, am I wrong. Because those guys have moved on. Just like I had when I let them go. And the faster I realize this, and move on myself, the better my life will be.

And I need to stop pretending that buying clothes and shoes makes me feel better. As nice as it makes my outsides look, it isn’t going to hide how torn, worn, and abused my insides are. I won’t be able to hide that from someone who wants to know me. And who wants me broken?

I need to be whole again. And I don’t need saving. I need to fix myself.


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