While We Skype

I’m betting this doesn’t just happen with my family. And I’m not quite sure why it happens at all. But it needs to stop, for my sanity’s sake. The following are purposes for having Skype/having Skype up and running:

1. To catch up with my parents. Because we can’t do that on the phone. Nope, they need to see my face while I tell them that I’m still in my pajamas. That I did/didn’t work today. That I still haven’t gotten a life.

2. To watch my mother do household chores. Like vacuuming or folding the laundry. Or having a foot spa massager thingy running while the volume is up. Nope, Skype is not for conversation.

3. To swap recipes. And show them off. While we eat. Usually it’s me suggesting a recipe that my mother can’t seem to search for on her own.

4. To convince ourselves that we need it on for no other reason than for it to be on. And while it’s on we surf the net. (Do people still say that?) Or play one of those card games that’s already on the computer when you purchase it. And this is probably the only time you’ll ever play one of these games.

5. To stare at each other. One smiling, the other with eyes glazed over. Both trying to figure out something to talk about. Because we don’t do this often enough.



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