Coffee and Orange Juice

Once again, I’m beat out by technology. 

That sinking feeling in my chest is causing me to sink down in my seat, down into the black hole that’s appeared beneath my feet. 


The Beach

I am thankful. For every moment. The ones that pass us in a flurry, a haze of colors and blurs. The ones we wish with all our might would last for eternity. The moments when we look around at all that surrounds us. The moments when we wish we could hold onto that place, that feeling, that person until we both awaken and realize the rest of the world with all its disasters and chaos had continued. But we were still there, sitting on that abandoned beach in the moonlight, basking in each others’ presence.
And for the moments that linger. That press and weigh on us like darkened clouds. The moments we fight so desperately to escape. The moments that come too soon and much too often.

Soon, too soon to bear, you will be gone from me. Now is when I can say with passion and a clear mind and heart, that this is something truly great. And soon you will be gone. Where will I be then? Who will I be then? What do I do then?
That is the moment that will linger. The moment when gravity will be at its strongest. It will pull every bone in my body, every hair on my head, every inch of me to my knees. And I will long for what was. For the moment that I wanted to hold on to.

Next To It

Someone is always there when I need to be alone. 

I shouldn’t be clinging to you, but I am. Because I have waited too long to have you. And even if the stars aren’t perfectly aligned, I am going to do whatever it takes to keep you.